Memory Lane

Your wedding is over. Time to forget the spilled champagne, your bridesmaids running late, and a wedding cake that wasn't even what you ordered. Well, at least you know your wedding dress is in good care.

Wedding Dress Preservation & Cleaning from Memory Lane in Sunland, CA

What sets us apart

What really sets us apart from other cleaners, besides our cleaning experience, is our method of packing and preserving your garment.

Completely archival, our storage box is acid-free, lignin-free, sulfur-free and buffered to keep it acid free. By archival quality, we mean this is suitable for contact with historical materials. The hope of the bride is that her wedding gown becomes "historical," to be worn by many generations of brides.

Museum conservators had become concerned about apparent deterioration (yellowing, brown spots, staining, streaking, friability, etc.) of some of their textiles stored in standard cardboard boxes. They finally realized that the boxes had become highly acidic, causing the degradation of the paper and its consequent discoloration. The yellowing, browning, and streaking of the paper was staining the textiles in contact with it, as well as acidifying the textiles themselves.

Therefore, in 1978 museum conservators met with representatives of commercial paper companies to discuss producing boxes safe for costume storage. Requirements were that the box be acid free, and buffered to keep it acid free.

The acid-free tissue, used to cushion the folds of the gown and to help maintain the designer's delicate line and drape, is ultra-porous because textiles need to breathe.

The de-sized, unbleached, and washed cotton muslin liner serves as a fabric filter, which can remove more than 99% of any incoming suspended dirt. It also seves as a blotter helping to keep any moisture away from the gown.

A cotton muslin bag is used to fit over the box. It keeps the box clean, can be easily washed, and still allows maximum air circulation for the gown.